May 15, 2010

For those of you who continue to find this blog…my updated blog is:  …updated almost daily!!!  Check us out!!


Looking for newborn MULTIPLES! (free session)…

May 18, 2009

I have had many ideas running through my mind for multiples!  I am looking for twins this summer to try new fun and exciting things with for a newborn session!  The first 2 parents to book newborn twins sessions for this summer receive their session for FREE!  Twins must be under 10 days of age (if end up being older due to staying in hospital due to birth complications – this is the acception).  The session will be done in studio, and you are more than welcome to bring any help you need (grandparents, older siblings, nanny, best friends etc).  The session will take about 2 hours as we need both little ones’ to be asleep for some of the pictures that I want to try 🙂

Please call me: Tonia at 289-244-6434 to book your session as soon as you know you are due with twins!  First 2 are FREE!  Remember:  Delicate Impressions is closed for the month of June (I’m getting MARRIED WOOHOO!).  If you are trying to book a newborn session for the beginning of July or end of June, please leave me an email titled “NEWLY BORN” and yours will be the FIRST answered upon my return!

And of course can’t leave you without the sweetness of baby brother and sister twins!DSC_9058


March 23, 2009

That I hate natural light photography!  (INdoor natural light – non-wedding – photography)…which means I am going to just work extra hard at getting it right!!  I went to visit family this weekend…and here is the start of natural light (you natural light photographers are terrifec!)dsc_0645-copy2

And another discovery – I don’t do enough macro shots…nice close up pictures of really CUTE details! Like this one of my newphew…Love his eyes! Love those lashes!dsc_0723-copy1

HATS BY CARA EINWECHTER!  If you like these hats (and I have had a LOT of inquiries into them) please contact me for details on how to contact this seller.  She is almost all set up on Etsy, but until then I’ve got the goods 😉a81She also makes these blankets:  In any colour, with any words/names you want!  Make for great baby shower gifts!kayla


Pink ribbon…blue, yellow, green…whatever may match the nursery…customize your baby blanket!dsc_0529


March 6, 2009

a8At the beginning of 2009 I started a new blog…but I notice that people are still checking this one so I am sorry I havn’t posted anything to mention the fact that I have a new one~ 😉  So if you want to still be a part of the blog life of Delicate Impressions Photography, please visit: and you can see more sweet SWEET BABIES! 

Is your child between 3 months and 1 year? Special on just for you!

February 1, 2009

I absolutely LOVE my newborns! Who doesn’t love newborns?!  However, with all the newborns I have had recently, I am realizing that I don’t often photograph children between 6 months and a year!  I have some ideas I want to try out and the chance to work more with Chubby McChubbersons!  I am looking for children to photograph between the ages of 3 months and 1 year!  From now until the end of March, if you book a photography session for your child in this age range…you will receive $75 off your session fee! Yup – session fee for only $100!  I only take a limited number of clients per week, so please if you are interested call and book NOW!  Spaces will fill up quickly!  email me at to book your session or call 289-244-6434….just look how excited this little guy is about the news! 🙂william-1-week-70

My Godson…

December 26, 2008

I had the pleasure of photographing my Godson this past week just before Christmas! He is 6 days old and such a hansome little man! noahNow that is one small baby!  (lol – I love this oversized tea cup that my sister-in-law brought! I WANT ONE!)noah1noah2noah3And proud big brother “T”…what a cutie!!  Look at those eyes!tucker

8 Days New

December 22, 2008

This little man came to me at only 8 days new!  He LOOOOOOOVES his mommy!!!  I’m pretty sure he spent the majority of our session feeding!  But we managed to sneak in a few pictures when he let mom go (for only a few minutes at a time)…poor mom! Lol…but it all worked out!!owen1owenProud big sister “A”owen2

WOOHOO!!! Babies Babies on the Way!!

December 19, 2008

I have been so excited to do this session since I think they booked in September!   This beautiful mom and her husband are expecting their first children in March!!  How exciting! First Grandchildren for both sides too!  These babies are going to be so loved! (I know a photographer already waiting to SNUGGLE THEM!!)…okay March – lets GO!! WOOHOO!!twins-mattwins-mat2twins-mat1twins-mat3Isn’t she just stunning!!  Mom is carrying all out front – and get this – mom knows what sex the babies are and dad doesn’t!  What a huge secret to keep!! I can’t wait for the surprise!twins-mat4


December 18, 2008

Imagine being the child of these two parents!!??  First of all so completely protected…but second, if they have a girl all bad boys will stay away! If they have a boy, they will be respectful!  erin-mat2…and what do you suppose he is thinking?  Take a close look at how these two are ‘cuffed’ together!

Oh How I love Newborns!!

December 17, 2008

The 3rd last newborn of 2008!! And what a SWEET HEART!! Born to a beautiful and stunning mom! Miss Independance! miahAre moms eyes not just gorgeous!!  I love this picture…mom and daughter – too sweet